Kleiner Perkins

After over 40 years of venture capital innovation and success— investing in companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter— Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers needed a full facelift of their visual identity and digital presence. And they needed a way to promote their original content, partners and portfolio companies.

Technology Solutions

  • Custom CMS: enables them to publish market insights, promote partners and companies, breaking news and communicate their investment philosophy
  • New Public Website: showcases their deep partner roster, their equally deep company roster business insights, and so much more
  • Internal Web Portal: helps them maintain internal contacts for events and managing brand assets like Power Point presentation templates, print ad templates, logos suites and style guidelines for a consistently smooth experience
  • Kleiner Perkins Connect: connects portfolio company CEOs with rockstar prospects

Design Solutions

  • Public Website: emphasizes Kleiner Perkins' core mission and focus on clean, clear design
  • Responsive: Strong responsive layouts optimized for phones, tablets and laptops/desktop
  • Logo Suite: redesigned to emphasize Kleiner Perkins over "Kleiner Perkins Caufield & and Byers". The simple wordmark lockup is designed with a modern typeface at it's core (Kleiner Perkins). Auxiliary Kleiner Perkins brands such as the Fellows program includes a serif typeface locked up to the right.