Kleiner Perkins Fellows

The KPCB Fellows program is a wildly successful program. It began as a way for KPCB to help their partner companies recruit software engineers and has grown into a fully fledged recruiting and training program for aspiring software developers, product designers and designers.

We initially build the platform as a proof of concept using Wordpress leveraging Wufoo forms. As the program grew over the course of a couple years, the demands for more information, customized metrics and controls became more and more important. In 2013, we worked with the KPCB team to re-imagine and relaunch the KPCB Fellows website as a fully fledged Ruby on Rails application, with new branding and new design.


  • Scalable backend
  • All content can be managed by non-technical users
  • Custom metrics on program participation (email opens, registration, etc)
  • Responsive design
  • HTML5 Video
  • Application deadlines may be set in advance to close or open at specific times